10 African Country with High Speed Internet

Mar 09,
The internet has become a critical infrastructure for the economic growth and development of many African countries. With the rise of e-commerce, online education, and remote work, having fast and reliable internet connectivity has become more important than ever. Below is the list of 10 best African Country with high speed internet according to Speedtest Global Index, Ranking mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world on a monthly basis.
10 African Country with High Speed Internet
South Africa

#1 - South Africa

South Africa reigns supreme with a remarkable average internet speed of 48.12 Mbps, securing a respectable 156th place globally. This significant speed improvement translates to faster downloads, smoother streaming experiences, and a more efficient online environment for South Africans compared to many other African countries.


#2 - Botswana

Botswana, boasting an impressive average speed of 43.79 Mbps. This exceptional speed secures Botswana the 62nd position worldwide, signifying substantial progress in their internet infrastructure development. These speeds enable citizens in Botswana to experience noticeable enhancements in online activities like video conferencing and real-time collaboration.


#3 - Morocco

Morocco demonstrates its strength in the African internet landscape with an impressive average speed of 35.52 Mbps, ranking 168th globally. This level of speed empowers Moroccans to enjoy a more enriching online experience, fostering their active participation in the global digital ecosystem.


#4 - Mauritius

Mauritius enjoys a coveted spot among the top African nations with an average speed of 33.88 Mbps, placing it at a remarkable 72nd position globally. This positioning not only solidifies Mauritius' reputation as a stunning island destination but also establishes it as a hub for high-speed internet connectivity.

Côte d'Ivoire

#5 - Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire showcases the tangible benefits of investing in internet infrastructure with an average speed of 32.24 Mbps, ranking 75th globally. These impressive speeds are a testament to Côte d'Ivoire's commitment to improving its digital landscape.


#6 - Uganda

Uganda emerges as a rising star in the realm of internet connectivity, boasting an average speed of 30.19 Mbps and securing the 80th position worldwide. This marks a significant leap forward for the nation, enabling Ugandans to experience faster loading times, improved online learning opportunities, and better access to essential online services


#7 - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe demonstrates its commitment to a connected future with an average speed of 30.18 Mbps, ranking 81st globally. Despite ongoing challenges, Zimbabwe is making significant strides. This progress empowers its citizens to explore new avenues for communication, unlock business opportunities, and gain access to valuable information online.


#8 - Ethiopia

Ethiopia establishes itself as a growing gateway to the digital world in Africa with an average speed of 29.70 Mbps, placing it 84th globally. These speeds enable Ethiopians to engage more actively in online commerce, education, and government services.


#9 - Senegal

Senegal witnesses a significant boost in digital participation with an average speed of 29.44 Mbps, ranking 85th worldwide. This improvement in internet infrastructure empowers Senegalese citizens to connect with a wider online community, access educational resources more readily, and actively participate in the global digital economy.


#10 - Nigeria

Nigeria rounds out the top 10 with an average speed of 26.74 Mbps, securing the 93rd position globally. While not the fastest on the list, Nigeria's internet speed demonstrates the nation's unwavering progress towards a more connected future. This ongoing development unlocks new possibilities for Nigerians in online communication, education, and economic opportunities